Teachers, Support Staff, Coaches, Daycare Employees and Directors, and Administrators work hard every day to make our world a better place by sowing into us and our children. They give and give and are often not shown the appreciation they truly deserve. It is not until we reach adulthood that we realize the impact that those individuals have had on our lives. Then, when we do, we make a comment to one of our family members or friends about how that person really changed our lives or really cared about us, was patient with us, or taught us a lifelong lesson. These individuals rarely have the opportunity to hear of how impactful they have been and what their dedication has done to affect not only us, but the people we touch as a result.

Teacherly Love was created as a way for students, former student, and parents to show their appreciation for all the hard work, emotion, and pure selflessness that is delivered every day. They can do this by sending “thank you” letters or videos, by purchasing a personal gift for an individual or school, or by purchasing school supplies so current young minds have the opportunity to grow. In addition to the support provided by parents and students, the website is set up as a social media network so our world changers can connect with others to share wins, resources, and brainstorm solutions.

It’s a circle of love and positivity!

Step 1) The first step is to sign up for a free memberships. Membership will always be free and the process is simple.
Step 2) Once this you have signed up for a membership, it is highly recommended to complete your profile right away. Please do not neglect to add a profile picture – the image does not need to be a professional headshot or even up-to-date. This is just a way for gifters to confirm they are sending messages and presents to the correct person.
Step 3) Once your profile is complete, see the Members page to connect with others you may know or want to meet. Sign up for Groups and Explore the Forums. If you have a Group or Forum idea that is not listed, please visit the Contact Us page to make a suggestion. We would love to hear from you!
Step 4) Visit the Homepage (Activity Page) to see the latest posts and feel free to add to the positive vibes by posting videos, quotes, wins…just say hello and introduce yourself!
Step 5) Don’t forget to create your Wish List to let gifters know your classroom needs. Your Wish List can be found on your profile page.

Here I will write detailed instructions for how to buy a gift as well as how to add the teacher’s contact information and how to find someone if they’re not listed.

Attach a video to tell how the website works and features