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1 Posting Guidelines
2 Inappropriate Behavior
3 Privacy Policy
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Posting Guidelines

Where to Post

To keep the Activity feed free from stressful or controversial topics and to prevent business endorsements from taking over the feed, we have created guidelines to maintain the integrity of the community. Please see the following for items that are appropriate to post and where they may be posted. 

Posts that can Appear Anywhere

  • Motivational quotes and inspiration
  • Celebrating wins in your teacher, coach, administrator, or staff role
  • Bragging about a gift or letter
  • Notices that a FREE resource has been added to the Forum (name the Forum) - NO PERSONAL BUSINESS POSTS
  • Introductions
  • Saying "hello"
  • Adorable photos
  • Funny stories

Posts That Should Be Contained Inside Forums Only

Some posts are allowed in Forum discussions that are not allowed on the main page (Activity feed). This is because some members may choose to participate in more difficult discussions or want to focus more heavily on promotion. While we want dialogue to be open, we want the overall focus of the site to be encouragement, collaboration, and entertainment.

The following posts should be confined to the appropriate Discussion Forums:

  • Policy and Procedure discussions
  • Personal business promotions (policies for business promotions can be found here)
  • Political discussions
Inappropriate Behavior

What is Inappropriate?

Teacherly Love is a networking community built to uplift others through sharing positive experience, helping others to solve issues, providing encouragement, and sharing resources. If you see something on Teacherly Love that does is not in line with the community values, please use the Report button located near the content to inform Admin of these violations.

Inappropriate Content includes:

  • Hate speech or direct attacks on an individual or group
  • Posts meant to incite anger, frustration, or divisiveness
  • Nudity or other sexually suggestive content
  • Content with explicit language (audio or visual)
  • Content that contains violence or self-harm
  • Spam

Inappropriate Account Use Includes:

  • Having fake or imposter profiles
  • Having more than one profile
    Privacy Policy

    Our Privacy Policy

    We believe strongly in your right to privacy and will never sell or give away your information. 

    How You Will Receive Gifts If My Information is Private?
    When someone purchases a gift from our online store, we fulfill the order on the backend so customers never see your contact information. They may receive a notice when the item has been delivered, but will never have your delivery address or other personal information.

    Can I Choose to Reveal My Contact Information?
    You have the ability to override the privacy setting for your email address and make this Public. To do so, go to Profile, Edit, and scroll down to the section where your email is shown. Then click "change" to select your new preference. All other contact information remains private unless you share directly with a person through direct messaging or in a group. 

    Opt Out of Gifts

    How to Opt Out of Receiving Gifts

    You may choose to opt out of receiving gifts from customers and/or from Teacherly Love if you so choose. To submit a form to stop receiving gifts, please click HERE to complete the form. It will take up to 2 business days to update this in our system.